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Healing the Children provides needed quality medical care for underserved children throughout the world and advances medical skills and resources in developing countries.



The International Inbound Program brings children from different countries to the United States where they are matched with specialized medical and surgical treatment. When the medical treatment is complete, the children return home to their families, taking with them the precious gift of health.


International Inbound Referral Forms: Please include photo of child and all medical reports and exams pertaining to child's condition.

Our Local / US Based programs assist children here in the US to acquire medical care, medicines, therapy, equipment, and other related needs that fall through the cracks of our existing insurance and social services programs.

The Health Information and Prevention Event Booth: emphasizes the effect poor eating habits and lack exercise have on the mind and body. Poor eating and lack of exercise can lead to health conditions such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Families learn important information on proper nutrition and importance of exercise, in improving mental and physical health. 

Medical Missions Program: Volunteer medical and surgical health professionals travel to different countries around the world. Volunteer medical and surgical health professionals travel overseas. They treat patients free of charge and share their expertise with host country health professionals during procedures and in-service sessions. Other volunteers unpack and prepare medical equipment and medicines, provide transportation, organize patients and document activities. Most trips last 8 to 10 days, and often the doctors treat as many as 100 children and screen scores more for possible treatment in the U.S. Specialties most often provided on HTC medical trips are plastic and maxillofacial surgery, dental services, ear, nose and throat services, cardiac and ophthalmologic, neurosurgical, urological, general surgical, and orthopedic procedures. The work is grueling but rewarding. Many doctors report feeling renewed commitment to their profession and new certainty that what they do is worthwhile.

Sung Glick Cardiac Fund: For Sung Glick, Healing the Children was very important in his life. Sung was born with a severe heart condition called Heterotaxy Syndrome. Healing the Children became aware of Sung's medical condition and made arrangements for his treatment at a hospital in the United States.Shortly after his 16th birthday, Sung entered the hospital for one last time. He had surgery to correct his problem since he was in congestive heart failure. On August 13th Sung died in the hospital. Sung was a caring, loving young man, who lived life to its fullest. Healing the Children gave Sung the gift of 16 years. Won't you give the gift of life to another child? Become important in the life of a child. Donations to Sung Glick Fund go to help children with heart conditions.

Special Projects occur both locally and globally to meet the varying needs of children and their families in a holistic approach.

Special Projects include but are not limited to donations of medical equipment and supplies; construction of medical clinics; renovations in hospitals; sponsorships for camp;  tuition support; disaster relief: therapies, awareness events; nutrition support; food insecurity and water projects.

"Healthy people, healthy lives". 

The International Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) uses collaborative contacts to help find medical care for a child in a country closer to where he/she lives. 


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