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Healing the Children needs your help to continue providing medical care to children. There are many ways you can heal a child. Volunteer, make a donation or refer a child. Every year Healing the Children provides donated medical, surgical and therapeutic care to children locally and internationally. We can not do it without the support of our volunteers and donors. Every individual has the power to save a child's life.



Healing the Children has provided children from every corner of World including US with donated medical care. Here are some things children and families are saying about Healing the Children.


"Healing the Children saved my child's life. I spent my days crying and praying. God's answer was Healing the Children. My son can now live a full life". - Mother of Juan from Colombia.


"We do not have a lot , but we are hard working, honest people. When my son broke his arm and we could not afford to pay a doctor to put a cast on his arm Healing the Children was there for us". - father of Robert from Florida.


We have traveled for miles to get my daughter seen by Healing the Children's medical team. I am so grateful that she was chosen for surgery to repair her cleft lip and palate. It is like winning the lottery"! - mother of Child who received surgery through our Medical Mission Program (Guatemala)


For $ 250 you can provide a child with donated surgery to repair a cleft lip and palate, $100 provides a child in our local community with necessary medication and lab work.

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2019 Annual Report




Medical Mission to Nigeria organized by Healing the Children and Mariette Ifeoma Obianozie-Amadi, MD, CPE, FHM.

Healing the Children is traveling with a  team of Nigerian American doctors to Nigeria to provide medical care to Nigeria's vulnerable populations.  


Nigerians often face a dual health burden due to communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Influenza, HIV/AIDS, these are highly infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases (non-infectious diseases).


Nigeria's health care system faces notable challenges;  poor healthcare infrastructures, and lack of adequate funding, and poor implementation create an inability to access healthcare.


We are organizing free medical screenings and examinations for adolescents and adults in Southeast Nigeria, all with the intention of preventing medical complications and saving lives. 


With your support, we can make every day a second chance for someone in the community.  The money raised will be used to partner with local radiology and laboratory centers for screening tests, and with local pharmacies for medications.  


Please donate using the link below. 


Thank you.

Healing the Children
Healing the Children

Healing the Children
Healing the Children

Healing the Children
Healing the Children

Healing the Children
Healing the Children

Healing the Children

Healing The Children

Latest project

​We are expanding our programs by reaching out to more communities locally as well as globally. These programs will provide more children in the US and overseas with comprehensive medical, surgical and therapeutic care. We are developing sustainable long-lasting programs around the globe.